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San Francisco Kayak & Adventures is unique in the Kayaking Industry - because we prefer quality over quantity we only run high touch, small group, Guided Kayaking Tours of usually 8-10 people in high quality, performance, warm and dry, Sit-In-Traditional Kayaks - this is unlike most other local providers that run 20-25 people on a single tour and often use Sit-On-Top Kayaks.  We believe the best way to experience sea kayaking, and the amazing marine wildlife, is by being a part of a very small group with a high-touch boat to guide ratio.
Because we prefer quality over quantity, it does mean that our clients need to plan well in advance if there is a specific date and time that they would like to join a tour, and all of our reservations are done on a first-come-first-served basis.  Just like a popular boutique fine dining experience, we only have so many seats available for each Guided Group Kayaking Adventure.  We look forward to sharing a magical adventure with you soon!

Please Note:
Due to stronger summer winds, stronger tides and stronger currents in the San Francisco Bay, which can create a more difficult and unsafe situation for new and inexperienced paddlers, San Francisco based Guided Group Kayaking Tours are not offered as regularly as Sausalito based tours - Sausalito is a more suitable and enjoyable tour experience for beginners & mornings are typically milder than afternoon tours. 

Which Adventure Should I Choose?
All of our tours offer roughly the same route in your chosen location.  The distance paddled & time on water is based on group dynamics.

-Sausalito - milder conditions, wildlife encounters and the famous floating homes.
San Francisco an urban setting offering majestic city views & the ballpark.

-Mornings tour for relaxing scenic experience & wildlife sightings (best for children & Non athletic)
-Afternoon tour when winds create a more vigorous experience & challenge.
-Evening tour for a romantic adventure.

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