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Kayaking Adventures

Each Guided Sea Kayak Adventure begins with an introduction to kayaking basics, proper paddle-stroke technique, all the necessary kayaking equipment and required safety instruction. After this lesson, you’ll hit the water with your guide and a paddling partner in a Tandem Sea Kayak*. We only use Closed-Deck Traditional Tandem Kayaks, which are warmer, dryer, more comfortable, faster and easier to paddle & maneuver, versus typical Sit-On-Top Rental Kayaks, which can be leaky, wet, awkward, slow and uncomfortable.


Which Adventure should I choose...?


Our most popular tour is Sausalito's Richardson Bay which offers milder conditions, typically has more wildlife encounters and provides the extraordinary experience of viewing the world famous "floating home" community from the water. *Distance traveled depends on the dynamics and the abilities of your group - Please choose a Privately Guided Tour if you would like to maximize your experience while kayaking.


Some adventurers choose to experience a more urban setting and paddle on the San Francisco Bay to McCovey Cove and the Giant's World Series Championship AT&T Park. This tour also offers a chance to encounter wildlife and majestic city views.


-Choose a morning tour for a relaxing scenic experience with wildlife sightings; and for children.


-Choose an afternoon tour when the winds can creates a more vigorous experience & overall athletic challenge.


-Choose a late afternoon tour or an evening tour for a more romantic adventure.


*All of our kayaking adventures take place in tandem (2 person) kayaks - on a limited pre-qualified basis we allow intermediate to advanced kayakers to go solo. For safety reasons, this generally requires the participant to have wet exit and re-entry certification in a traditional sit-in kayak. If you have this certification, please contact us in advance of your tour.



Sausalito Waterfront

Houseboat Tour

Paddle on the Richardson Bay to see harbor seals, pelicans, cormorants, egrets and herons, while meandering among the eclectic and artistic floating home community. The spectacular beauty of this tour includes views of Angel Island, Alcatraz, Treasure Island, San Francisco, Tiburon, Belvedere, Mt. Tamalpais and the Marin Headlands.


Our Sausalito based tour provides an abundance of marine mammal and bird viewing opportunities, offers a very scenic and picturesque waterway, and includes an exploration of the World Famous Sausalito Floating Home Community. This tour is a very kayak beginner friendly with an easier, enjoyable paddle due to not having the more difficult tides, currents and high winds of the greater San Francisco Bay.  

San Francisco Bay

McCovey Cove & AT&T Park!

(Home of the World Series Champions - San Francisco Giants)

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Experience the thrill of kayaking on the San Francisco Waterfront and, if the Giants are playing, look for a home run "splash down" ball to sail into the water. This paddle takes you to McCovey Cove and through Mission Creek, a serene route protected by seawalls and beaches - Be sure to keep an eye out for the friendly harbor seals and

bat rays!


Our San Francisco based tour is an urban kayaking tour along the city waterfront, a paddle into the city along Mission Creek and includes local history, and can include some wildlife viewing opportunities, but usually limited. San Francisco based tours also offer a more challenging and advanced water-way that depending on tides, currents, stronger waves and wind swell can create conditions not suited for beginners with mixed kayak abilities, or participants with children.

Sunset/Moonlight Paddle

Sausalito Waterfront & San Francisco Bay

This is the most incredible trip you can do in the Bay Area at night! As you paddle along the San Francisco Waterfront be mesmerized by the beautiful city lights which add to the ambiance as the sun sets and the moon rises.​​

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Full Moon Paddle

Sausalito Waterfront & San Francisco Bay

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Experience an enchanting kayak adventure along the San Francisco waterfront with the illumination of the full moon as it rises over the horizon. This relaxing paddle celebrates the peaceful atmosphere created as the moon and water dance together - A truly magical and unique experience! (2 to 3-days/month)

Sausalito Waterfront

Wild-Life Photo Tour

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Join our 2-Hour Guided Sea Kayaking Tour and "Photo Safari" on Sausalito's Richardson Bay. These Morning tours provide the best opportunity to view and photograph the abundant marine mammals - Harbor Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, and a wide variety of seasonal marine birds - Gulls, Great Blue Herons, Egrets, Cormorants, Terns, Pelican. Grebes, Killdeer, Rails, Oyster catcher, Osprey, et


Richardson Bay was named as one of 148 Important Bird Areas in California in the publication "Important Bird Areas of California" by Daniel S. Cooper and is a beautifully scenic and warm-weather protected waterway worthy of a wildlife exploration and adventure with a seasoned and knowledgeable local Guide and Kayaking Instructor. Don't forget to bring your waterproof camera to take home your photo-trophies!


These tours move at a slower pace stopping more often to allow for wild-life photography... Bring Your Water-Proof Camera or Disposable Camera.

Sausalito Downtown Waterfront

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This kayaking adventure takes you along Sausalito’s beautiful and picturesque commercial waterfront yet leaves the terrestrial-tourist experience on a distant shore. Leave the traffic, shopping bags, and cable car snow-globe tchotchkies behind while you celebrate the famed beauty of the Sausalito waterfront from the serenity of your own personal island paradise!


Along this relaxing paddle, look to experience harbor seals, pelicans, cormorants, egrets, herons, and more. Join us and experience this enchanting kayak adventure along the Sausalito Waterfront!



For Beginners

Introduction To Sea Kayaking

Sausalito Waterfront & San Francisco Bay

Learn Sea Kayaking essentials with a Professional Guide & Instructor - See Wild-Life, learn and improve kayaking skills using a High Performance Sit-In Traditional Kayak - A real Sea Kayak like those used by the Eskimo for their Whaling & Traveling Adventures - Similar to what the Inuit, Yupik, and Aleut used in every day life!


These High Performance kayaks are warm, dry, comfortable, fast, and very maneuverable, unlike the wet, and hard to paddle, non-ergonomic, Rental Sit-On-Top kayaks. - Recommended for kayakers with children and non-athletic participants, or those with limited time.



Intermediate & Advanced

Angel Island Crossing

Sausalito Waterfront & San Francisco Bay

Angle Island Crossing Guided Kayak Tour

For the ultimate Sausalito and Richardson Bay adventure, paddle across the formidable Raccoon Strait to Angel Island!

original (15).jfif

This kayak adventure offers a challenging paddle

with a plethora of marine wildlife encounters and picturesque views of the San Francisco skyline, Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, Treasure

Island and one of the best waterfront views of the

Golden Gate Bridge. This paddle is suitable for athletic beginners with gusto and an adventurous “can do” spirit and, is more difficult and physically demanding than our traditional 2-hour tours!!



Golden Gate Bridge

(by special reservation, half-day trip)

This is our most challenging kayak tour, designed for those with previous kayaking experience. We will launch at Horseshoe Cove and paddle underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. The winds and currents will determine how far we paddle toward the lighthouse at Point Bonita. This is a magnificent way to experience the Bay, with dramatic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Point Diablo, Sea Cliff & Land's End, and the San Francisco skyline. If we're lucky, we may even see porpoise!

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Tomales Bay

(by special reservation, half-day trip)

original (18).jfif

Situated along the Point Reyes National Seashore, the 12-mile long Tomales Bay is one of the largest protected bays on the west coast, and is home to harbor seals, bat rays, leopard sharks, osprey, egrets, pelicans, and Tule elk. This calm water paddle is sure to reconnect you with nature and inspire greater appreciation for the peaceful sport of sea kayaking.

After a wonderful morning paddle with San Francisco Kayak, be sure to explore the enchanting town of Point Reyes Station where you can enjoy wonderful artisan delights such as, Cowgirl Creamery, Bovine Bakery and Cafe Reyes' famous wood-oven baked pizza! (This tour is by special reservation only, half-day trip)

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Experience the joy of paddling in Mexico's Sea of Cortez! This kayaking tour is by special reservation and is customized to your adventure and travel desires.


A typical expedition explores the extraordinary Isla Espiritu Santo, a wonderful sea-kayaking destination, with white sand beaches, breath-taking sunsets and abundant, fresh, south-of-the-border food and drink!

original (22).jfif

Along with kayaking and snorkeling in warm, crystal-clear waters, you will have plenty of free time for hiking the island and exploring canyons with amazing rock formations and fascinating local plant life.



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