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Traditional Closed-Deck Kayaks
Sit-On-Top Kayaks

San Francisco Kayak & Adventures only uses closed-deck traditional kayaks* which are warmer, dryer, more comfortable, faster and easier to paddle & maneuver.  This is unlike sit-on-top rental kayaks which can be leaky, wet, awkward, slow and uncomfortable.  Joining us for a Guided Kayaking Adventure has its advantages!! (please see comparison images below).

Our Traditional Closed-Deck Tandem Kayaks
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Traditional Tandem Sea Kayak
Traditional Tandem Sea Kayak- top and side viewTraditional Tandem Sea Kayaking

You may be more familiar with the Sit-On-Top Rental Kayaks pictured below; which many operators must utilize if you do not have previous kayaking experience or are not on a Guided Tour; these Sit-On-Top kayaks can be leaky, wet, awkward, slow and uncomfortable.

Sit-On-Top Kayaks
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Rental Sit on Top Kayak-top view

Rental Sit on Top- top & side view

Sit on Tops- cold and wet!!

*All of our kayaking adventures take place in, Tandem closed-deck Traditional Kayaks - on a limited pre-qualified basis we allow intermediate to advanced kayakers to go solo. For safety reasons, this generally requires the participant to have wet exit and re-entry certification in a traditional sit-in kayak.  If you have this certification, please contact us in advance of your tour.