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Advantages of Private Tours

Both our Group Kayak Tours and premium Private Kayak Tours are led by one of our outstanding Kayak Guides. San Francisco Kayak & Adventures is unique in that we only offer small-group Guided Kayaking Adventures.


Our Group Tours are open booking with a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 10. The typical clientele on these Group Tours can range from the super athletic to the occasional outdoor weekend warrior and they can be in the range from total beginners to advanced kayakers.


Our Private Tours are not open to public bookings. They are a Private Guided Kayaking Tour reservation for as many participants as the client wishes. These Private Guided Tour booking are a premium service.


The advantage to the Private Tour is that the client can determine his/her group members and has much more control of the experience- the tour distance, tour pace, tour destination, tour start/end times, amount of instruction desired, and any special event consideration (proposals, anniversary celebrations, special date night event, father/mother/child bonding activity, Team Building, corporate adventure outing, etc.)


Our Kayak Guides will work directly with the booking Group Leader to provide a more customized experience that is unique and best suited to the needs/desires of our Private Tour client (within the confines of the necessary safety considerations).


All of our Kayak Guides are well versed with the local area, its maritime history, and provide an educational narrative on the wide variety of wildlife viewing opportunities (marine mammals like harbor seals, seal lions, elephant seals, porpoise, and the wide variety of regional and seasonal marine bird species). In addition, our Kayak Guides are there to protect, support, coach, and inspire during the entire learning process with the goal to further each of our clients marine awareness and paddling/kayaking skills (great for total beginners and equally valuable for the more advanced/experienced participants).


Lastly, and most importantly, our Kayak Guides are well seasoned with leading commercial kayaking tours and are trained in Wilderness First Aid, kayak capsize rescues, and have a robust depth of sea kayaking knowledge and safety considerations/protocols that only come with years of professional kayak guiding. We only hire professional kayak guides, and we are very proud of our kayak guide staff.


We are confident that your outdoor adventure experience will be among the very best in service, education, and instruction/support.

Please let us know if you have more specific questions about the important role of our Kayak Guides take-on in creating our highly rated, enjoyable, safe, fun and very memorable kayaking adventures!


With our many thanks!

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