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Kayak Adventure Specials


Bring 5 Friends You Go Free!


To use this special: Select "Bring Five Friends" under Schedule Your 

Adventure and select six as the number in your party.


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Bring Two Friends - You Go 50% off

Our Traditional Buy Two, Get One 50% off Deal.

Select "Buy Two Get One 50%" under Schedule Your Adventure



3-Tour Adventure Package

Birthday ~ Anniversary ~ Christmas ~ News Years

Romantic Getaway or Any Special Occasion!

Discover something more, right in your own backyard!!

*First kayak on the San Francisco Bay - Experience the thrill of kayaking on the City’s Waterfront and, if the Giants are playing look for a home run "splash down" ball to sail into the water.

*Second, immerse yourself in Nature’s Wonders on Richardson's Bay in Sausalito - Experience close-encounters with wildlife and tour the Famous Floating Home Community.

*Finally, complete your kayak adventure package with the breath-taking scenery of Tomales Bay - home to harbor seals, bat rays, leopard sharks, osprey, egrets, pelicans, and the famous Tule elk.

This special includes 25% off a three guided-kayak tour package.

Each kayak adventure begins with an introduction of kayaking basics, proper paddle-stroke technique, and all the necessary kayaking equipment and safety gear. After this lesson, you’ll hit the water with your guide and a paddling partner in tandem kayaks. We only use closed-deck traditional kayaks, which are warmer, dryer, more comfortable, faster and easier to paddle & maneuver. This kayak experience is unlike the sit-on-top rentals, which can be leaky, wet, awkward, slow and uncomfortable.

The Private Adventures:

Your first adventure begins with a paddle on the San Francisco Bay along the calm and protected waters of Mission Creek, McCovey Cove and the Embarcadero; and if the Giants are playing, look for a home run "splash down" ball to sail into the water! Next, you will graduate on to explore the eclectic houseboat community, the harbor seal haul-outs, and the gorgeous views found along Sausalito's Richardson Bay. The spectacular beauty of this tour includes views of Angel Island, San Francisco, Tiburon & Belvedere, Mt. Tamalpais and the Marin Headlands.

Lastly, putting all your new kayaking skills and appreciation for being connected so intimately to nature, to test, you will spend an afternoon kayaking across Tomales Bay to Hog Island where you will learn about the regions delicious oysters and view some of the native wildlife that includes harbor seal, cormorants, great blue heron, sea stars, moon and stinging nettle jelly fish, while keeping an eye out for the famous Tule elk!

At San Francisco Kayak our love of outdoor adventures inspires us to bring the experience to you – And we hope to inspire within you a greater connection to nature, and a larger connection to the planet!!

More Than Adventure - A Life Experience!

Why buy another sweater or tie, when you can buy an Adventure Gift Experience for someone you love: Birthday, Anniversary, or a Romantic Getaway! Treat Yourself or Someone You Love Today!!

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(Special Offers Can not be combined with other offers)



~ Please Contact us for Special Rates on Weekday, Large 

Group, or Private Tours ~


Ready for an Adventure?!

Whether you are a veteran outdoor explorer or a city slicker, a Guided Adventure with San Francisco Kayak & Adventures will inspire you to Find Yourself Experiencing Life!


San Francisco Kayak & Adventures is unique in the kayaking industry, because we prefer quality over quantity, we only run high touch, small group, Guided tours of usually 8-10 people in high quality, performance, warm and dry, Sit-In-Traditional Kayaks - This is unlike most other local providers that can run 20-25 people on a single tour and often use Sit-On-Top Kayaks. We believe the best way to experience sea kayaking, and the amazing marine wildlife, is by being a part of a very small group with a high-touch boat to guide ratio.


Join us for a Guided Bay Area Hiking Adventure, an exciting Social Outing, a Tropical Vacation or a Kayaking* Adventure on the beautiful San Francisco Bay, Sausalito Richardson's Bay or Tomales Bay!


With a variety of locations, tour lengths and levels, we have an exciting adventure for every explorer - Please see our Adventure Offerings below and then click on Schedule Your Adventure to reserve your space!


Traditional Closed-Deck Kayaks Vs. Sit-On-Top Kayaks


We only use Tandem, 2-Person, closed-deck Traditional Kayaks which are warmer, dryer, more comfortable, faster and easier to paddle & maneuver. Joining us for a Guided Kayaking Adventure has its advantages!!

Please click here to see comparison images


Join Us for an Adventure and Find Yourself Experiencing Life!

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See You Soon for an Amazing Adventure!


SF Kayak & Adventures!

To read more about "why we do it"... please click here

*San Francisco Kayak & Adventures only uses high-quality Closed-Deck Traditional Kayaks which are warmer, dryer, more comfortable, faster and easier to paddle & maneuver. This is unlike sit-on-top which can be leaky, wet, awkward, slow and uncomfortable.

Click here: to see a Traditional Kayak vs. a Sit-On-Top Kayak


**Our specialty trip offerings can be added to any kayaking or hiking tour and include: "Wine, Cheese & Chocolate" and our "Champagne Celebration" package. Please add this to your adventure when scheduling your tour







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